A case study

The problem

The team at Motorvation needed a way to manage communications between students, teachers, parents and work placement employers. It needed to be a place where lots of information could be easily controlled and available to those who needed it.

We originally suggested the idea of either an app or a web app, and we settled on an app. The main aim of the app is for anyone at Motorvation to be able to quickly access assessments, student and parent information and to be able to communicate with other users quickly and easily.

The development

We started out by producing prototype versions of the app using PhoneGap to get a feel for how the UI will look, and how the UX will be for the core elements of the experience.

The design language was inspired by the iOS design language for the most part, but we definitely gave the UI a bit of a twist and some character to make it stand out.

Along the way, we had many issues to figure out, including how to verify and validate parents when they create an account to ensure that someone creating a parent account is actually a parent.

The solution

In the end, we have a fully functioning app that works on both iOS and Android and is ready to use for the new term. We'll still be closely working with the team at Motorvation to see if they have any additions or modifications to make it the perfect solution for what they want.