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Powerful, but easy to use

Testy.me is an online virtual learning environment (VLE) that was designed to be very powerful but incredibly easy to use. Creating a test can be as simple as starting from a premade test, creating a test using suggested questions or completely from scratch. Have complete control over the look of your test and the details. We know that teachers don't have much time on their hands, so we want to make the best use of it.

Fine-tune the details, if you'd like

By default, we'll give you all of the best options to get your tests out there as quickly as you want. However, you can also decide to fine-tune them yourself. You can pick a new theme or create one from scratch, choose exactly how your test will be graded and much, much more.

Works on your desktop, tablet or phone

The modern classroom is moving away from traditional computers, and we are all ready for the move. Testy.me is already completely compatible with modern smartphones and tablets, including but not limited to the iPhone and iPad.

We listened to teachers, and we still do

Before starting this project, we analysed all of the other existing solutions being used in schools. We asked real teachers what they thought was good about them and what wasn't. We asked teachers what they'd like to have in this product, we made sure we included them. One of the main bits of feedback we got was how other platforms didn't give teachers enough control of their tests - we fixed this with the Creator.

Complete control with the Creator

At the core of Testy.me, every test (whether it's premade, user-made or home-made) is entirely customisable and editable. You can add, remove or edit questions, and you're not limited to a question bank either - you can create whatever question you'd like. You're never limited with Testy.me!

Testy.me does so much more too. To view more information about Testy.me, visit the website here. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.
We'll also make bespoke solutions or design your website.

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